From the outside, this place looks like a run down, dirtball Mexican hole in the wall… but the food is fantastic. If you ever find yourself venturing over onto the west side to eat at the much (over?) hyped Reg Iguana, make a detour to Chunga’s.

It was a beautiful afternoon when I visited, so I didn’t spend much time inside, other than to place our order. We sat outside on the more spacious looking patio. The inside looked small and dark, so it might be tough to find a table in the winter time, but there is a pretty good number of tables outside during the spring – fall.

I was told to try the Al Pastor (spit grilled pork) on whatever dish I decided to go with… so I went with the tacos al pastor. They did not disappoint. The spicy pork went really well with the sweet pineapple chunks. I’d also recommend trying the chips and salsa and asking to sample all 4 salsas. Save some to pour on top of your tacos.

I’ll definitely be back to try out the rest of the menu. Don’t always judge a restaurant by its outside appearance!

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