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I was sitting at my home office desk working today and an email came through from the Pittsburgh office announcing that there was apple pie and chocolate cake in the front work kitchen.  I immediately got a craving for chocolate cake, but after searching my kitchen and not finding any chocolate, I decided that I needed to make a quick run down the street to get my fix.

I’ve passed by Mini’s Cupcakes many times and I’ve always said that I was going to stop inside.  According to the sign on the front window, they were even featured on Food TV’s Cupcake Wars – whatever that is…

So after checking out the online menu, I decided that I would make a quick stop over there to pick up a few cupcakes.  I went with the PB Fix, the Snowball, and some chocolate pretzel cupcake that I didn’t see online, but looked good.

The cupcake are served in plastic cups, but don’t let the cups fool you… the cupcakes really are mini – almost bite sized.  For $2.50 a pop, I was expecting a full sized cupcake.  I don’t consider myself a cupcake expert, but I’ve been to Georgetown Cupcake in D.C. and a few gourmet places in NYC and Pittsburgh where people line up around the corner for the cupcakes.  The prices at those places are similar but you get a full sized cupcake.

So far I’ve only tried the PB Fix.  The icing was really good. The cake itself was dry.  When I tried to peel the paper off the bottom of the cupcake, the mushroom top head of the cupcake broke off.  Yes, “mushroom top head” is the professional cupcake term.  Take a look at the picture to see my cupcake vs the picture online.


Mini’s cured my craving for chocolate, but I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon. I’ll stick to my 7-11 cupcake for half the price and three times the size.


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