Mo’s American Diner

Mo's Diner

My roommate from Jersey likes to bitch that there are no diners in Salt Lake City and no good places to get breakfast.  Well I’ve already written about Park Cafe, but I recently found an even closer spot to my apartment with great breakfast – Mo’s American Diner.

Mo’s sits at the busy intersection of 13th South and 3rd West, just near the entrance to I-15. It’s not really the best location and the parking lot is pretty small. Apparently this place used to be located somewhere downtown and moved. Not really sure why – maybe cheaper rent?

Inside Mo's DinerThe inside is decorated like a classic 50’s American diner. Black and white checkered tables, red floors, and red painted trim, with 50’s and 60’s memorabilia decorating the wall.

The menu is pretty impressive, with a full breakfast menu (which I think is served all day), plus a lunch and dinner menu, with a large selection of pizzas – and a full liquor and beer selection.

I was nursing a hangover, so even though it was close to lunch time, I went with breakfast food… 2 eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, and a side of tomatoes.  The homemade honey wheat toast was delicious. I’m not usually a big pancake person but for some reason I was craving pancakes.. They were also money – light and fluffy.

The best part was the price. My feast cost around $8. Judging by some other online reviews, it looks like this place can be very hit or miss.  We caught them midweek just before lunch so the place was dead.  Our service was great and the food came out quickly, so we were very happy with everything.

If you are in the area and looking for a good, cheap breakfast, check out Mo’s.


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