Astro Burgers

As I continue my whirlwind tour of Salt Lake City’s hamburger restaurants, the next stop on my list was Astro Burgers.

I’m actually a little confused about this place, because according to this website, there are three locations: one in Midvale, one in South Jordan, and one in Draper…. But I know that is also one around 3800 S State Street in Salt Lake City. The signs look the same, so I guess they may be franchises owned by different groups of people? I’m going to assume that the menu’s are the same. I actually visited the one in Draper, so that is what this review will be based on.

To make a long story short, if you want to know more about Astro Burgers, just read my review of Crown Burger. Seriously, the two places are basically identical, other than replacing some crowns and shields with stars. The setup of the store, the menus, and the food that I sampled were all very similar. Instead of the “Crown Burger” – Astro serves the “Astro Burger” – which is also a burger topped with pastrami.

This naturally got me to thinking about whether the two places were owned by the same people or if one copied the other. According to this article, Crown Burger was the originator as two Greek immigrants opened up the first store in 1978. The following year, another set of Greek men opened up the first Astro Burger. Obviously they took some ideas from the success of Crown Burger and ran with it…

Crown Burger gets the distinction of being the first of the pastrami topped burger restaurants in the area, which is why they were featured on Man vs Food a few years ago:

With my new found knowledge, I now know that I probably don’t have to spend time writing reviews of the following burger places: Apollo Burger, Atlas Burger, Atlantis Burgers, Olympus Burger, & Palace Burger… (but I probably will get to them eventually).

In summary, if you like Crown Burger, then you will be sure to enjoy Astro Burgers. If you are not a fan of Crown, then you can probably skip Astro as well.

Hamburger topped with pastrami goodness!

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