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One of the first things that I did when we decided on a place to live in Utah was to browse Google maps street view and check out the area around where our apartment was located. I basically wanted to see my food options and drinking options.

We actually made the choice of location based all on online reviews and pictures. We never actually visited Sandy or checked out the apartment in person.

I immediately got a food boner when I saw that we were less than a mile from one of the few In and Out Burger locations in the Salt Lake area. (I loved In and Out ever since the first time I tried it in California probably 10 years ago)

After doing further online research, I would come to find that Utah is in fact “burger crazy”. If you follow that link from the previous sentence you’ll see that many people in the area rate Crown Burger as their favorite fast food burger joint. (Besides In and Out, Crown Burger also competes with Five Guys – which is already very popular on the east coast, Astro Burger, Smash Burgers, Sonic, Apollo Burgers, Burger House, and Olympus Burgers – just to name a few…)

Jessie, having lived in Utah for a few months in the past, also mentioned that Crown Burger was a favorite of some of her friends, so I decided that it had to be one of the first places that I tried when I arrived.

We checked out the Crown Burger located in Sandy, which is probably about 2 miles up the street from our place (I love that we have so many food options, but I won’t be surprised if I’m pushing 250 by the end of summer).

The inside of the place looks like something out of the early 80’s.  It’s decorated with crowns and suits of armor and swords – I guess it’s supposed to have a medieval vibe.  It reminds me of an old A&W, or maybe an old Burger Chef (does anyone remember Burger Chef?)  The dining area is actually huge, so I’m guessing they really pack them in, but on this day there were only about 1 or 2 other people inside besides us.

Jr Crown Burger w/ Fries

The actual Crown Burger is a giant 1/4 lb cheese burger topped with the usual – lettuce, tomato, and onion… but then it is also topped with a giant pile of pastrami.  I actually went with the Jr Crown Burger, just because I wasn’t overly hungry that day.  I also had a side of fries, and Jessie went with a plain cheese burger, because she likes to live life on the edge.

Another thing that is seems to be a big deal in Utah is fry sauce.  Crown Burger apparently has some of the best fry sauce around and since I don’t have a whole lot to compare it with yet, I guess it tops my list for fry sauces… Fry sauce looks to be just ketchup and mayo mixed with some other spices and maybe some relish.  It kinds of tastes like thousand island dressing.

The menu is actually really huge.  They sell other items such as gyros, hot dogs, and I’m just guessing that they sell burritos.  I feel like just about every fast food joint on the west coast sells burgers AND either burritos or tacos. (OK, I double checked and they do in fact sell burritos.)

Anyway, the burger was good.  I don’t know if I like it better than In and Out, but the pastrami was definitely a different twist, and I liked that part a lot (the fries were better than In and Out, by the way).  Probably not my favorite burger ever, but it was good for a fast food place and we’ll definitely be back for more Crown Burgers.

And speaking of burgers, Lucky 13 has amazing burgers based on our first visit.  We are headed back tomorrow for round 2, so I’ll be taking pictures and try to write up a review soon. UPDATE: Here is my review of Lucky 13 – best burgers in town so far!

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