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Somewhat surprising, at least to me, is that Salt Lake City has a fairly large Hispanic population.  I guess any non-white population would seem large when you are coming from the 2nd whitest city in America: Pittsburgh

I’m sure it doesn’t compare to California or Texas, but the first thing I noticed when I finally arrived here in Sandy (besides the giant mountains) was the number of Mexican restaurants.

If you checkout the map on the right, our place is the green arrow.  There are literally close to 20 Mexican places within 2 miles to the north or south of our place, and when you zoom in even more, a few more places pop up.  Yes this counts fast food such as Taco Bell, Taco Time, and Del Taco – but where I lived in Pittsburgh I had to drive at least 5 miles just to get to Taco Bell, let alone a decent sit down Mexican restaurant.

Oddly enough I grew up on Mexican food while living in Ohio, so if you haven’t figured by now I am a Mexican food junkie and the subject of my first (and possibly next 19) food posts will be Mexican food…

I decided to start with the place that is closest to us.  If the temperatures weren’t 90 plus, we’d probably consider walking, but since it’s been hotter than hell over the last 2 weeks, we decided to drive the 0.9 miles.

Los Cucos is actually a chain based out of Texas.  It has about 30 locations in Texas and 1 in Utah.. thankfully right down the street from us.

The place has outdoor seating with an awesome view of the mountains.  Once it cools down I’m sure we’ll be back to sit on the patio… but since it’s 95 outside (I don’t give a damn about “dry heat” – it’s still hot), we decided to sit inside in the bar area.

As is the case at every Mexican restaurant in existence, we started with chips and salsa.  The tomato based salsa was actually kind of bland, but really spicy.  However, we also received a green, tomatillo based cream salsa, which was awesome.  We went through 2 bowls of this before our food arrived.

Green and Red salsa

There are a lot choices on the menu, so I decided to just go with one of the daily specials, which was the Chile Relleno filled with ground beef. It also came with a chicken soft taco, a side of rice, and a bowl of tortilla soup and cost $12.99. It might have seemed a little pricey until it arrived… The chile pepper was huge and stuffed full or beef and cheese. The taco was as equally fat. We were already so full from eating chips, that I was only able to eat half the pepper, the rice, and the soup. I boxed up the taco and ate it for breakfast the next day.

Chile Relleno w Soft Taco & Soup

Chile Relleno w Soft Taco & Soup

Jessie went with the Super Burrito, which was also giant. She wasn’t even able to eat half of it and took the rest home. I also helped finish this the next day. The burrito came with a side of rice and guacamole and I think it cost $8.99.

Overall I really enjoyed this place for being a chain and I can see us visiting more often. Our service was quick and friendly. One small annoyance is that we sat in the bar area, which had multiple TV’s. They had the sound on for each TV, plus the bartender spent the entire time grinding up fresh limes for margaritas, using an electric grinder – so it wasn’t the most quiet dinner that we’ve ever experienced.

We didn’t get a chance to try their margaritas and I’d like to come back and sample the nachos for my boy Wino back in Pittsburgh. He is a world renowned nacho connoisseur and he keeps poster sized pictures of nachos in his basement.

If you are ever in Sandy, check this place out. It’s located right on S State St at 10585.

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