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IMAG4435Ever since I first moved to Utah, Pat’s has been on my list. I remember watching an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives where they visited Pat’s, but I can no longer find it on YouTube.

I’ve heard mixed reviews. Some people swear it’s the best BBQ in Utah – some even say the best BBQ they’ve ever had – while other people straight up trash the place.

It only has an 83% on Urbanspoon and Urbanspoon is to food for me what IMDB is to movies.  That’s like a low B…

The one consistent thing I have heard though is that you have to try the burnt ends.  I’d never even heard of burnt ends until I watched the episode of DD&D.

According to Wikipedia:

A traditional part of Kansas City barbecue, burnt ends are considered a delicacy in barbecue cooking. Either the entire brisket is cooked whole, then the point end removed and cooked further, or the point and flat are separated prior to cooking. Due to the higher fat content of the brisket point, it takes longer to fully cook to tender and render out fat and collagen. This longer cooking gave rise to the name “burnt ends”. Sometimes when the flat is done, the point is returned to the smoker for further cooking. Some cooks re-season the point at this time.

Since it’s Friday and today is the day they make and serve their burnt ends, I decided to run down the street and give them a try. Unfortunately, most people have already eaten their lunch by 1:45 pm, so when I showed up, they were out of the burnt ends.


Glorious looking pork ribs at Pat’s BBQ.


They did have one order of the rib tips left – which are also a Friday special – so I went with those.  I chose the greens as my side, and the meal was served with 2 pieces of cornbread and 2 kinds of bbq sauce.  I got it all to go, because I had to get back to work, so I didn’t really get a chance to see what the sit down area looked like.

I’ve got to say that the rib ends were some of the best tasting ribs I’ve had before. They were smoked perfectly. They tasted delicious with and without the sauce.  The greens, on the other hand, were just so so. I’ve had much better greens.

I’d love to go back and get their in time to check out the burnt ends. If I do, I’ll update this post with some thoughts and pics. I’d also love to try some of the other side dishes. I’ve read that the smoked meatloaf is also really good.

If you are looking for Pat’s, they are located just south of 2100 and just west of West Temple.  The street address is 155 W Commonwealth Ave.  It’s hidden in an industrial looking building next to a mechanic or garage or something on a dead end road, so it’s not the easiest place to just stumble upon.  If you’ve never been to Pat’s or you are visiting the area and looking for good BBQ, check them out.


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