Tacos El Toro

Tacos El Toro!

Tacos El Toro!

I woke up today with a slight hangover after some intense volleyball and drinking action last night. Tacos for breakfast / lunch sounded like the perfect cure, but I wanted to make sure I went somewhere that I knew was legit. Tacos El Toro is my go-to spot, so this post might be a bit biased. This place was my front runner heading into this taco cart tour.

El Toro is located on the corner of 8th South and State, right in the Sears parking lot.. Of all of the SLC taco carts, the Sears carts seem to be the most popular. This one is actually on 8th and faces south (right across from Taco Time). Don Rafa is the cart on State that faces east… I’ll save that for another day.

2 chicken & 2 beef

2 chicken & 2 beef

Like many of the other taco carts, El Toro has the 2 tacos for $1.50 deal. They are a bit smaller than some of the places that offer the $1 tacos, so I went with 4 tacos… The chicken tacos that the people in front of me ordered looked really tempting, so I ended up breaking my rule of getting just beef tacos, and I went with 2 chicken and 2 beef. I could have swore that Toro usually offers beans and cheese, but that might just be on their burritos or maybe you have to specifically ask for them.

Either way, the tacos were delicious, but I kind of already knew that going into this. I actually liked the chicken better than the beef. The chicken was really flavorful, while the beef was a little over cooked, but I still give El Toro Tacos a solid 4.5 out of 5. It’s going to be tough to top these, but there are still a lot more carts to check out, so maybe I will come across a hidden gem one of these days.

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