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IMAG2313I’ve been looking for a good breakfast spot that is close to my apartment since I moved downtown in May.  I often ride my bike in the morning at Liberty Park and I’ve always noticed a ton of people sitting on the outdoor patio (or waiting to get inside) a small cafe across from the park.  I finally made my way over there this past Saturday after a short bike ride at the park.

We didn’t actually step foot inside for more than 5 seconds, because all I did was ask for a table outside and we were lead back out to the patio, so I don’t really know what the inside is like, but I have read some reviews that say it is a bit crowded.

The outside patio is great, assuming it isn’t too hot.  Thankfully we got there early enough on Saturday before it got too hot.  It was probably a cool 85 degrees at 10 AM, before hitting a high of 105 for the day.

The patio has great views of people walking and running by and also some views of the park across the street. I like to think of Liberty Park as a mini version of Central Park right in the heart of SLC, with its ponds, aviary, sand volleyball & basketball courts, ferris wheel, merry go round, and many other things to do.

Liberty Park

Liberty Park


3 eggs, toast, and park potatoes

3 eggs, toast, and park potatoes

The food was typical breakfast food, but really large portions. The thick cut bacon and “Park potatoes” were probably my favorite. Take a look at the menu for all of the options.

Needless to say, I ordered way too much food, but what I was able to eat, it was great. I was totally stuffed and still had a lot left on my plate, so it is well worth the price.

I’ll definitely be back, even if I just stop in some morning and order coffee and sit out on the awesome patio.

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